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We answer 9 FAQ before buying your first single-dose packaging machine.

Aranow offers a wide range of single dose packaging machines and complete lines to fulfill your production line.
In order to understand your needs and therefore advise you on the ideal packaging machine for your business, we usually ask the following questions during our first conversations.

In this post we briefly outline the most frequently asked questions and answer them in a synthetic way.
Of course it is a quick guide, so for further assessment and personalized diagnosis, our sales department will be happy to help you.

1- Which information do I need to know before requesting a packaging machinery quotation?

Our team of experts will ask you for 3 types of information:

  • Product specifications

Which industry does the product belong to?
Food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic.
This will help us to take into account the compliance of each sector.

Description of the product?
Liquid, granular, solid…

What is its density?

In the case of liquid, what is the viscosity? And the conservation temperature of the product?

  • Packaging requirements

What type of pack are you looking for: stick pack or sachet?
If you are not sure, our sales team will advise you to explain the different formats and help you decide between one format or the other.

What size should the unit packaging be?
Width and length (mm)

What weight should the stick pack or sachet have? (gr or ml)

Definition of the shape, string, finish, cut, sealing…

Do you need a secondary packaging? In other words, you are looking for unit packs to be automatically grouped in a carton, flowpack or stand up pouch for easy transport and replenishment.
You can consult our quick guide to secondary packaging.

  • Production requirements

What production do you have set? spm ( sticks per minute)

Do you need to add a coding system on the packaging?

2- Does my facility have to be prepared to add an aranow single dose packaging machine?


The plant does not have to meet any special requirements, here are the standard features.
On the one hand, we would mention the space to place the machinery. It would be between 2.3-4 m maximum height and between 2-4 m2 of volume, depending on the chosen packaging equipment. On the other hand, we have to take into account the electrical power consumption (50HZ) and pneumatic pressure (7 bar).

If it is a project that does not meet the above standards, we adapt the machinery to fit the spatial and energy needs of the production plant.

3- Is it easy to operate aranow packaging equipment?


Thanks to the accessible and intuitive design of our machine, and its user-friendly software, no previous knowledge is required to operate aranow machinery correctly. Indeed, after the installation of the packaging machinery in the production plant, the essential training for its correct handling is provided.

4- What is the delivery time of  aranow’s equipment?


It is important to consider that the equipment is custom designed, it is personalized taking into account the needs of each customer. Therefore, the delivery time for aranow single dose packaging machines is 4 months from the reception of the purchase order.

We are proud to be one of the fastest European suppliers in the market. We achieve this competitive lead time thanks to the APS (aranow production system) based on the Lean Manufacturing management model, a work organization system that focuses on improving the production method.

5- Does the aranow equipment come with a warranty?


As standard, all packaging machines in the market offer 12 months warranty. As an additional requirement, aranow is able to extend the warranty up to 24 months by adapting certain components, if required by the customer.

6- In case of breakdown, does aranow have technical assistance?


Of course, aranow has a Customer Service Department dedicated to solve incidents, manage spare parts and contract maintenance services.


Through the Technical Service Director we provide an immediate online solution, advising the customer’s technician on the steps to follow.
In addition, depending on the complexity and type of the incident, we have a team of aranow technicians traveling around the world who offer personalized attention at the customer’s production center in 24-48 hours on average. And if that’s not enough, through our 86 partners spread across all continents, we are proud to offer an efficient after-sales service thanks to verified local technicians.


At the same time, to reinforce the Customer Service department, we welcome the new Customer Experience Manager, who is in charge of following up on the needs of aranow customers once their single-dose packaging machine is up and running.
This is a liaison between the company and the customer, who offers a constant dialogue with the aim of measuring customer satisfaction.
As well as detecting future needs proactively, studying upgrades in the machinery.

7- On average, what is the lifetime of an aranow packaging machine?


We are proud to report that the first aranow machines installed 25 years ago are still working as the first day. It is evident that this achievement does not only depend on the excellence of our equipment, but also depends on the good use of the customer and the preventive maintenance carried out.

8- Why does aranow machinery stand out from the competitors?

The market of single dose packaging machines can seem overwhelming as it is wide and has a great variety of brands, mainly European and Asian. We are aware that both the offer of machinery and its competition may seem little differentiated.

For this reason, we invite you not only to evaluate the equipment but to analyze the supplier as a whole. We always talk about the 5 reasons that make aranow the market leader in single dose packaging machinery:

1- Experience and specialization
2- Knowledge of the sector
3- Customized flexible machines
4- Exhaustive study of the project
5- Commitment and customer service

You can learn more by reading this article that expands on each of the reasons to choose aranow.

9- What investment should be foreseen when purchasing an aranow single-dose packaging machine?


It is complex to answer this question when manufacturing customized machinery. Each offer made by our sales team takes into account complements, functionalities and extras, which make the ordered machine more complex. Logically, the production capacity (number of lanes) has a direct impact on the cost of the equipment, with a higher price for a high production multi-lane stick pack machine than for a small production machine for sampling purposes.


We hope this article has been useful and we have solved the most common doubts in the process of buying the right packaging equipment for your business. Our sales team is at your disposal, do not hesitate to send us your request for information.