Packaging machinery

Efficient packaging machines for a perfect single-serving

In Aranow Packaging Machinery we create packaging equipment adapted to the requirements of your products.

At ARANOW we have packaging equipment to meet any market need to pack in individual servings as stick pack or sachet. Our packaging machines can package any type of product of any texture (including viscous). And, of course, while complying with all protocols and safety standards for any industrial sector.

In addition, we have solutions for any volume of production. From large productions for consumer products, to packing machines specially designed to create product samples and tests.

The final result is a wide range of highly customisable products with high added value for our customers.

Stick Pack Machines

Stick pack packaging machinery for large productions


Stick pack equipment for medium-sized productions


Packing machine for small productions on Stick pack format


Stick pack format, bottle-shaped packaging solution


Stick pack format, multi product packaging solution like for oil and vinegar for example


Stick pack packaging machinery for dairy products


Pharmaceutical packing machine on Stick pack format

Flat Sachet Machines


Off-plan format packaging solution for high productions


Off-plan format packaging solution


Sachet format packaging solution for dairy products


Sachet packing machine for pharmaceutical products

Complete lines Machines

Intermittent motion cartoner for standard productions

Continuous motion cartoner for high productions

VFFS Final packaging system in bag

Final packaging system in flowpack



Packaging machines adjustable to your exact production so you do not waste anything



Our products have all the design and safety certifications



Our packing machines offer an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of greater than 95%


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