Stick pack packing machine

High performance, precision and reliability multitrack equipment

If you want to pack your product in stick pack we have the latest advances in machinery

The consumption of products in single-dose containers is increasing every day. At ARANOW, we develop high-quality solutions for different industries and become a trusted partner for your company. Our packaging machinery includes specialised dosing systems for any type of product (liquid, powder, granulated or pieces) and creative finishes, offering an excellent stick pack result.

This generally tubular and elongated format has become popular in a short period of time, due to the portability, ease of use, precise dosing and profitability of the production line.

Stick pack

Stick pack format packaging solution for large productions


Stick pack format packaging solution for medium productions


Stick pack format packaging solution for small productions


Stick pack format, bottle-shaped packaging solution


Stick pack format, multi product packaging solution like for oil and vinegar for example


Solution for dairy products


Solution for pharmaceutical products



Machines adjustable to your exact production so you do not waste anything



Our products have all the design and safety certifications



Our machines offer an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of greater than 95%


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