Values & CSR

Each company has its own culture and values, which form de basis of the relationship with its partners. At Aranow, our team is our most valuable asset, helping us to foster principles based on ethics, integrity, and respect:

Ethics, integrity and respect


The basic principles of any interpersonal relationship.



Undertaking challenges with passion; passion for life.



Avoiding the misuse of resources of any kind; natural resources are scarce and must be conserved.

Empathy and resilience


As tools for communication, dialogue and conflict resolution.

Motivation and optimism


Celebrating successes with the same intensity with which we learn from out mistakes.



Unity creates strength; only a united community can advance toward its common objectives.

Excellence and competitiveness


As principles for constant improvement that allow us to provide the market with equipment with great added value and maximum reliability.

Focus and commitment


Focusing on our objectives from the beginning on a complete, constant, long-term commitment.



Constantly innovate in processes and in equipment and services.



In management and in decision-making and in all relations with our stakeholders.




Total equality between men and women within our organization.

Equal opportunity


Corporate climbing and internal promotion; no discrimination based on cultural, social, or religious origin.

From the very beginning ARANOW has carried out and active policy of social inclusion and respect for the environment. It comes from the company’s heart through our values, the focus to providing a workplace that is safe, diverse and inclusive, offering development opportunities for all.

ARANOW’s current programs

Climate change

Through contributions, Aranow helps the NGO Cool Earth to combat global warming, protect ecosystems and provide employment for local people in rainforest communities.

Ethical trade

Aranow is part of the Sedex organization, the world’s leading ethical trade organization, working with companies to improve working conditions in global supply chains.

Local culture

Aranow has contributed to the preservation of local cultural assets by participating in the funding of the restoration of Santa Perpètua de Mogoda Chapel; an ancient point of interest of our culture with more than a thousand years of antique and archaelogical vestiges dated back to the Neolithic period (VI – to V millenium b.C)


In addition, aranow supports the Fundació Enciclopèdia Catalana in the promotion of culture, dissemination and internationalization through activities and dissemination of content.

Social future

Through Dual Training, aranow responds to the necessities of the of the current job market, increasing partnerships between professional training centres and businesses and in the process of training students.


Thanks to the collaboration with Pare Manel Foundation, aranow participates in projects that defend the development of the rights and quality of life of all people suffering from social exclusion and marginalization.


Aranow also collaborates with the association Amics dels Infants del Marroc, which facilitates the integration in Catalonia of abandoned children in Morocco through adoption and ensuring a better future.

CSR mindset

Aranow is part of the platform, an initiative to promote the CSR as part of the Catalonian way of entrepreneurship. With the participation of leading companies in CSR, this association is defining a platform of innovation and benchmarking where companies can share and expose their experience in this field.


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