CEO’s letter

Dear reader,


We are living through some hectic moments full of questions, times where we see day after day how inequalities are becoming more acute and where to act, also from industry, for a more dignified future for the planet is more necessary than ever. The health of the whole world, as well as effective gender equality, ethical co-responsibility in decisions, as well as the fight against the climate crisis are also our main challenges, while continuing to grow, in a completely responsible way, in the worldwide leadership in the sector.


At ARANOW we have always wanted to be a useful instrument at the service of society and that is why we understand the importance of our spiritual legacy for future generations. We remain obsessed with generating quality work by offering the market production lines that not only have to be more efficient every day, but also have to produce more sustainable packaging. For this reason, we work persistently to reduce our energy expenditure throughout the manufacturing process.


The world is our natural market and we remain convinced that proximity is one of the main values to be able to work effectively with our customers and collaborators. For this reason, for the past 20 years investment in research and innovation has only grown, also responding to the group’s global ambition.


Allow me with these words to share, once again, our absolute commitment to all our workers, customers, suppliers and collaborators, a consistent and long-term commitment that is also an uncompromising commitment with the hope of a better future for all humanity.


Thank you very much for continuing to trust Aranow!


Jan Molina
Aranow Machinery Group CEO

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