We create the machine you need to package your products. We do not sell you standard equipment, we build a solution tailored to your ideas and your needs.

aranow: specialists in solutions for single-serving/dose packaging for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dairy products

Customised solutions. This is what companies that want to package product in individual servings are asking for. And it is what ARANOW offers from the first day and for the most demanding sectors and with the strictest safety protocols.

The result is an extensive catalogue of highly customisable equipment for packaging any type of product: solid, granulated, powder, viscous or liquid.

Your need, our challenge

If your company needs to pack individual servings we can help you. At ARANOW we are specialists in high performance and low maintenance equipment to put your product in the hands of consumers. Tell us what you want to package and in what format and we will present you with an optimal solution.

Complete your production line with secondary packaging

Equipment customised to your sector and your product

Whatever the volume of your production. And whatever the industry in which you operate, no matter how demanding. At ARANOW we are specialists in single-serving, efficient and safe packaging solutions for all types of industries:

Food & Beverages products

Multitrack machines for packaging solid, granulated, liquid, viscous, powder or frozen products. The result is an attractive, safe and handy product.

Dairy products

Specific equipment for packaging dairy products. Complies with the most stringent hygiene and sterilisation protocols for the sector.

Pharmaceutical products

Our designs include a multi-product option and are 100% safe. They include coding, quality control and self-cleaning systems. Regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11 or DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ protocols are included in our range of machinery for the pharmaceutical industry.

Cosmetic & Chemical

Create single-serving or sample packaging for cosmetic and for chemical products of any texture with ease. Optimise your production with ARANOW solutions.


Types of packaging

Stick pack

An easy-opening individual packaging with a precise serving size. Make the most of the space occupied by the product, allowing cost and storage savings.

Flat Sachet

A 4-seal format that is thinner and more flexible than the stick pack and offers enormous customisation possibilities in terms of materials, finishes and shapes.

Complete lines

Complete your production line with the secondary packaging you want: box, bag or flowpack. Equipment with unit count, exact distribution and shelf-ready packaging.

Work done in a team

You will never package alone

We do not just sell machines. At ARANOW, we go further. We are involved in your project from the beginning, working together in the design, creation and setting up of your equipment. And you will have our technical service any time and anywhere you need it.

Find out more

Latest news at Bicorday event in Mexico

On June 12th, Bicorday's event took place lead by our agent in Mexico, Bicor Technologies aiming to show the latest machinery for the pharmaceutical industry. Among a wide range of product solutions.

June 27, 2019
Packaging trends in the pharmaceutical sector

The pharmaceutical industry has always sought to be at the forefront providing comprehensive solutions even in the field of packaging, due to the importance of preserving pharmaceutical products within their packaging and for the conditions in which they must be kept. Preservation, storage and even safety depend to a large extent on packaging.

In addition to this extremely important factor, packaging must also comply with regulations, which change over time, and always provide the end user with the best option. This is a challenge that makes packaging machines for the pharmaceutical industry a key piece in the sector.

March 18, 2019
Factors that determine the price of a coffee packaging machine

The coffee packaging industry is one of the most demanding. Partly because the product that is handled is very delicate, and the packaging conditions must be optimal. A packaging machine must meet these requirements and fulfil its purpose perfectly.

What factors should be taken into account when choosing a coffee packaging machine? At Aranow we want to help you by guiding you through options available and how these characteristics determine the prices.

December 21, 2018

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