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Flat sachet packaging machines: The perfect choice for pharma industry.

The flat sachet equipment allows the dosing of a wide range of typical products in the pharmaceutical industry such as powders, tablets, granulates, liquids, gels, and creams through an individual and precise dosage inside the pouches. A rectangular, flat, flexible, and 4 side heated seal pouch, which is thinner than the stick pack. An airtight sachet that offers enormous possibilities from customization, materials, to details and shapes.


Advantages of flat sachet packaging machinery in the 

pharmaceutical industry

How flat sachet packaging machinery contribute to regulatory compliance

The flat sachet machinery is designed to work with films whose material complies with the strict pharmaceutical regulations. As a result we get envelopes with correct welding and fine cutting of films containing materials such as aluminum.

Key benefits for the pharmaceutical industry

Accuracy in dosage and packaging

The sachet machinery doses the product in the precise quantity, allowing a controlled intake of the medicine by the consumer, which means more safety for the patient.

Product use and integrity

The sealing of the flexible packaging and the hermetic seal of the flat pouch allow the properties of the pharmaceutical product to remain intact in the inside. The product is dosed down to the base of the pouch, avoiding product waste and contamination of the seal.

Compliance with regulations and quality standards

The hardware and software of the sachet machines conform to 21 CFR Part 11 pharmaceutical regulations for data integrity, reliability, and consistency standards. In this way, Aranow's sachet equipment allows a proper tracking and data traceability.

Advanced automation and efficiency

Current trends in pharmaceutical packaging automation

Today, the pharmaceutical industry requires complete solutions, therefore Aranow offers vertical intermittent motion packaging machines for flat sachets with transfer systems to secondary packaging without losing control of the pouch at any time.

How automation improves efficiency in flat sachet packaging

The customer has the possibility to obtain a line with an integrated cartoner, which results in the placement of flat envelopes into boxes. A comprehensive, all-in-one result that helps to optimize production efficiency.

Obtaining a flexible high-productivity solution: around 400 sachets per minute with the possibility of placing leaflets inside the boxes or other secondary packaging of choice

flat sachet machine

Customised packaging design and security

Customisation of pharma packaging with flat sachet packaging machinery

Aranow's wide range of accessories allows the flat sachet to be aligned with the trends and needs of the pharmaceutical industry. The machinery offers flexibility in terms of customization and the high level of design of elements such as cutting systems or the easy-opening envelope alternatives adapted to each product need. These usability features are an added value to the typical rectangular flat format helping to communicate the description of the pharmaceutical product on both sides.

Our flat sachet packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical sector

The standard range of flat sachet machinery models is from FS650 to FS1250, where the numbering is taken as the maximum width of the reel in mm.


The wider the reel, the higher the output, which can be up to more than 1000 sachets per minute. Thanks to this point, Aranow can meet any production need in the market.  


Flat sachet machine designed to cover medium productions.


Solution for high production.


Packaging equipment for large-scale production.