Complete lines

Complete your production line with final packaging

How are you going to present your single-serving products? 

Single-serving packaging is very practical and attractive to the consumer, but in almost all cases requires final presentation packaging. ARANOW has a wide range of machinery to complete your production line with the type of packaging you want.

Keep in mind that selecting good secondary packaging is essential for:

Streamlining plant production

  • Optimising distribution
  • Making the product stand out at the point of sale
  • Facilitating replacement

The ARANOW equipment catalogue offers all kinds of technical solutions to create the secondary packaging format you need: box, bag or flowpack. In addition, each of these formats also offers multiple customisation possibilities.

Complete lines

Aranow Cartoner 01

Intermittent motion cartoner for standard productions

Aranow Cartoner 02

Continuous motion cartoner for high productions

Aranow VFFS

VFFS Final packaging system in bag

Aranow Flowpack_01

Final packaging system in flowpack

Unit count

Correct positioning in boxes or flowpacks

Shelf-ready packaging option


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