VFFS, vertical Form Fill & Seal machine for dairy, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and beverage products in stick pack and flat sachet

The VFFS complete line, groups stick pack and flat sachets into stand-up pouch or pillow bags to fulfill the requirements of modern distribution.


The Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine is a complete line with two ARANOW multilane packaging machines of 15 lanes each connected by buckets belt to a VFFS. The line enables production of up to 1.800 spm, grouping the stick pack or flat sachet units into gussets, pillow bags or stand-up pouches in an intermittent or continuous motion, being able to work at the same number of cycles as the machine. Though single-dose product groups are usually multiples of the number of lanes, the option of the unitary counter exists.

Main features **

Bag dimensions

Limited to VFFS machine size based on available reel width.

Available options

** Other dimensions and/or configurations can be analysed on request


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