From Barcelona to the rest of the world


    Tramuntana, 30 08213

    Polinyà Barcelona CATALONIA

    Phone: +34 93 715 46 76


    Aranow Swiss
    Rue de la Pierre-à-Mazel 39
    2000 Neuchâtel
    Phone: +41 32 930 29 29


    Aranow Asia

    Regus SJ Infinite I Business Complex
    349 Vibhavadi-Rangsit road., 20 Floor
    Chompol, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 THAILAND

    Phone: +66 64 985 9059


    Aranow America

    Av. de los Insurgentes Sur 601,
    03810 Ciudad de Mexico MEXICO

    Phone: +52 1 56 3357 5900


    Aranow India
    801, K.L.Accolade, 6th Road, St.
    Anthony Road, Santacruz (East),
    400055, Mumbai
    Phone: +91 8484095955

    ARANOW PACKAGING MACHINERY, based in Sentmenat in the heart of the Barcelona Packaging School, is a truly international company. aranow is located 15 minutes from Barcelona and 50 km from Barcelona El Prat International Airport. In the last few years, we have consolidated our presence in the single serve packaging market with a notable increase in sales volume.


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