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Why is single-dose packaging an ideal solution for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry?

The pharmaceutical industry has been exploring the benefits of unit and single dose packaging for quite some time now. It’s not a simple trend, but a safe choice after seeing the advantages of this packaging. Is your company considering taking the plunge as well? You are absolutely right to do so. Keep reading to find out all the details.

1- Benefits of unit and single dose packaging for pharma

More and more pharma companies are turning to single and unit dose packaging. There are different reasons that lead them to change:

On the one hand, users’ busy lifestyle has led to a rise in products designed to be consumed -anywhere- or that can be handled on the go. Both stick packs and sachets are immediate, practical and convenient packaging options.

They are user-friendly, so they fit a wide range of users. Even a patient with psychomotor problems could use it. You can learn more about the star single-dose packaging: stick pack.

Above all, the single-dose pack offers excellent results when it comes to complying with the treatment prescribed by the doctor. Several studies have shown that good patient compliance is not demonstrated if the package is difficult to open or use.

Single-dose pharmaceutical packs provide a higher level of accuracy and functionality compared to standard packs. But they are also the most hygienic and durable option ensuring the shelf life of the stored products.

pharma stick pack

2- Which pharmaceutical products can be packaged in single-dose format?


Nearly all products that are taken orally or applied topically are suitable to be packaged in single-dose format. The exception is drugs marketed in glass ampoules or injectable products such as vaccines, which require a very high degree of sterilization.



Packaging formats


The Aranow Packaging Machines are calibrated according to the needs of each project. They accept all formats of liquid, gel, powder or solid product…


Over the years we have customized machinery for anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, antipyretics, antithrombotics and laxatives, working hand in hand with the leading brands in the sector.

pharma complete lines

We have also seen a growing trend in the marketing of antiseptic gel in single-dose format in response to the health crisis experienced during the COVID.

We also see particular interest from the industry in dosing tablets, pills, capsules, granules or micro-pellets, either individually or mixed in the stick pack, using individual counting, micro-weighing or volumetric systems.


Aranow pharmaceutical packaging equipment is especially useful for drugs requiring micro-dosing. We have a high precision dispenser that can package quantities as low as 16mg ±10%.


Our technical team is in charge of gathering all the necessary information about your product to assess the feasibility of the project. You can contact us leaving us more details in the form.

3-Is unit packaging used for nutraceutical products?

Nutraceuticals is a general term used to describe any product derived from food sources with additional health benefits beyond the basic nutritional value found in food.


Also sold in pharmacies and other specialized points of sale, nutraceutical is a product with a proven beneficial therapeutic effect, rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals.


The big difference with the usual drugs sold in pharmacies is their natural composition. Nutraceuticals take advantage of the all-natural nutritional and functional qualities of foods to provide benefits that contribute to improving health, prevention and aid in the treatment of diseases.


In most cases, nutraceuticals are grouped into four categories including dietary supplements, functional foods, medicinal foods and agricultural products. The main nutrients we find are: Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber.


This sector, like the pharmaceutical industry, has also opted for single-dose packaging when it comes to marketing concentrated nutrients.


Here are some examples for which Aranow has adapted its single-dose packaging machinery to obtain these solutions:

nutraceuticals aranow
nutraceuticals stick pack

Not to mention the Sundyota Numandis project, a success story for which we were able to calibrate our machinery to package their probiotics in optimal conditions, a complex product that is highly sensitive to temperature changes.

4- Tailor-made packaging machinery for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry

ARANOW’s packaging equipment for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products follow the most demanding safety, control and quality protocols. They are designed to meet GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 standards. The rest of the elements are included according to the URS provided by the customer. They have dosing, cleaning and sterilization systems without compromising their high performance, precision and reliability, with a capacity of up to 24 lanes and 1,800 spm of production.

The result is 100% clean production in stick pack and flat sachet format, so that the product can be consumed comfortably and with complete peace of mind away from home. You can find more information about our multitrack stick pack  and flat sachet packaging equipment.


One of the advantages most appreciated by Pharma customers is that our high precision machinery guarantees the right proportion of the components, skipping the previous step of mixing the product before packaging. Avoiding the mixer step saves not only costs, but also space in the hall and additional maintenance. Not to mention improving the degree of accuracy of drug production, as no percentage of components is lost during the process.

More about Aranow packaging machines


Aranow equipment is suitable for the production of any drug or nutraceutical product. As you can see in our portfolio, we have a wide range of solutions that combine products and formats from all over the world.


Our experience and trajectory support us in positioning ourselves as a leading brand in the pharmaceutical & nutracuetical sector.


We are specialists in packaging solutions and are eager to take on new challenges. Our facilities are open for live demonstrations. Do not hesitate to make an appointment, we will be happy to assist you.