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Quick guide to single-dose and secondary packaging

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    If you are considering packaging your product in single-dose format, this article aims to help you not only to distinguish between the different types of packaging but also to think about how to present them to the market..

    The product conditioning consists of different layers of packaging, we review the key concepts for the selection of the optimal packaging of products. The primary packaging is the one that is in direct contact with the product and keeps it in optimal conditions.

    This pack defines the smallest unit of consumption, facilitating the unit sale of the product. The single-dose packaging market is essentially divided into two formats: stick pack and sachet.

    Primary packaging

    1. Sachet

    Sachet format is an airtight package, small in size with 4 seals. Maybe its most popular use is for powdered medicines, but it can also contain viscous products such as ketchup sauce or even a folded cosmetic wipe.

    It is also common to use sachets in sampling and promotional purposes, since its format allows it to be included in magazines and publications.

    Envasado monodosis Sachet

    2. Stick pack

    Stick pack has a tubular shape and its size will depend on the type of product to be packaged. Perhaps the application that first comes to mind is sugar in the restaurant industry, but there are applications in countless food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or chemical products.

    We can find from small format stick packs with micro-dosages to large size packs for products that require larger capacity.

    If you want to learn more about the uses of the stick pack, we recommend you to read this article.

    Envasado sobres stick pack
    The choice between the two types of packaging is influenced by the brand positioning and image of the product. Both stick packs and sachets can be manufactured in a wide variety of materials, so the sustainability of the packaging will depend on the reel used. Generally, the single-dose package is not sold as a unit to the end customer, but needs a secondary packaging to facilitate transport and restocking, while highlighting the product on the shelf. For this, Aranow Packaging Machinery has technical solutions to integrate cartoners or final packaging systems to the single-dose packaging equipment. Here is an overview of the options available.

    Secondary packaging

    3. Cardboardbox o display box

    The classic cardboard box can become an innovative packaging in the hands of a good marketing team or design agency. With the help of die cuts it is possible to facilitate the opening of the pack, create a window to show the product or turn the box into a product dispenser or display.
    envasado secundario en caja o display box
    envasado secundario

    Aranow offers intermittent cartoning machines as well as continuous cartoning equipment adapted to the production needs of each company.

    4. Flowpack


    The flow pack wraps a group of stick packs or sachets with a thin film forming a sealed bag in 3 points guaranteeing the quality, conservation and safety of the product.


    The secondary flow pack packaging can be transparent, allowing the single dose packs to be seen, or it can be customized with the image of the product.


    Find out more about our horizontal flow pack machines with outputs up to 500 spm, which are integrated with aranow single-dose packaging machines.

    envasado flow pack

    5. Stand up pouch

    Stand up pouch is a very good alternative to product presentation. This secondary packaging has a gusset or base at the bottom of the bag, which allows it to have stability and rigidity, as well as good presence at the point of sale. Check the possibilities of our pouch packaging system Vertical Form Fill & Sealits production capacity allows to reach up to 1,800 spm

    envasado stand up pouch

    Adapted machinery

    Packaging in any single-dose format requires adapted machinery. At Aranow we are specialists for more than 20 years in single-dose packaging and we have a wide range of equipment and complete lines that fits the production needs of each company. We know that the choice of the best packaging seeks not only to protect the product, but to differentiate and enhance it against the competitors without forgetting profitability. Ask us any question, we are eager to know more about your project. Our team will be happy to help you when making decisions regarding the single-dose packaging of your product.

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