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Pharmaceutical Sundyota Numandis chooses Aranow machinery as an ideal solution for packaging its probiotic

Sundyota Numandis is one of the most innovative healthcare organizations of India. Founded in 2003, they offer a new dimension to human healthcare creating world’s finest, advanced and clinically-proven products from non-chemical origins.


Later, in 2012, the company founded a new division: Sundyota Numandis Probioceuticals creating an exclusive range of finished product formulations including probiotics, pharmabiotics, nutraceuticals and phytopharmaceuticals that are patented and have clinically proven efficacy & safety.


The company sells its solid & powder products B2B acting as a bridge between internationally renowned research-based organizations and the Indian and global healthcare market.


Sundyota Numandis has been recognized amongst the Best SMEs of the Year 2018 by Economic Times We talked to Geet Arora, Project Head, Leading SDN Research & Formulations who will explain why Sundyota Numandis Probioceuticals chose Aranow machinery.



  • Why did the company require a single-dose packaging machine?


During the first years, we started outsourcing both the production and the packaging of our products. However, we gradually experienced repeated quality problems with the co-packers: the sealing of the stick packs was not correct, empty sachets were mistakenly marketed and it even happened on one occasion that the packaging process generated high temperatures directly affecting the drug components.


Not to mention the multiple delays in the delivery dates of the products, which hindered any kind of internal planning.

Fortunately, we experienced unprecedented success, and the market quickly embraced our innovative products, increasing their high demand continuously.


All this contributed to our decision to undertake the construction of our own factory in Ahmedabad in 2017, following European GMP regulations. It was at this point that we decided to acquire our own single-dose packaging machinery.


  • Was it easy to find the perfect manufacturer of single-dose packaging machines?


Well, not really. After the problems with the external suppliers, we identified the brands of the machines used to make sure we did not acquire them.


We started our search with local suppliers but quickly realized that they were not as good as certain international machines in packing single-dose formats such as flat sachet, or stick pack. In India, the most popular oral format is tablets, so there were no specialized solutions.


We continued contacting Korean and some European companies but they did not give us any confidence. It was then that we came across Aranow as the specialists in that field.


  • Probably before you choosing the supplier, you evaluated other companies. What made you rely on Aranow?


Of course, we were in contact with other European companies, but from the first meeting it was evident that Aranow’s involvement went beyond the standard.


Their professionalism, the treatment received and the promptness of their answers convinced us to carry out the project with them. Their competitors showed no enthusiasm, no confidence in the challenge, while for Aranow it was a motivating project that they tackled with commitment.


  • What were the most critical aspects in the choice of machinery?


We were aware that we work with extremely sensitive components so we needed highly qualified packaging machinery. 


Probiotics are living organisms that must be kept in a safe environment for their correct performance. Can you imagine anything more complex and challenging than packaging microorganisms?


  • Can you explain to us in more detail what requirements your machines needed?


In a general level, we requested that the packaging equipment comply with different DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ protocols and CE and GMP standards, typical of the Pharma sector. For both stick pack and sachetpackaging, we needed very flexible machines capable of packaging the different powder and solid components – different stick / sachet lengths, powder weight, bulk densities and flow properties – a lot of variation that the machine will have to manage.


Our products are created from formulations with different probiotics and nutraceuticals, such as Saccharomyces Boulardii, LrGG, heat killed probiotics and nutritionals. Through these ingredients, we create fantastic brands such as Superflora GG, Curinz, Remune AL etc.


After our quality problems in the past, we needed to move forward to any incidence and detect possible errors in time. We chose Aranow’s fs650 – 6 lanes & an650 – 6 lane machine model.


  • Could you briefly summarize the phases of customization of the machinery?


In a first stage, Aranow gathered all the information needed to understand the product (volume, viscosity, flow capacity, filling temperature, heat sensitivity…) and the production required. Aranow also guided us in defining the packaging (size, type of seal, cut, material, perforation…) because in our case, it was not a question of replicating what we already had, but of improving it.


Afterwards, we simply sent our components, the current sticks and sachets to be corrected and they began the process of customizing the packing machinery.When the equipment assets were ready, the Sundyota Numandis team went to the Aranow headquarters to check the machines first hand. We spent some wonderful days in Barcelona working side by side with the Aranow team preparing the final details. In fact, we made some changes and added some features considering future needs.


  • What was the main challenge of the project?


Once the single-dose packing machinery arrived in Mumbai, owing to COVID-19 pandemic a state of alarm was declared, lockdown and of course, the air traffic was banned. Under normal conditions, Aranow would have sent his technician to set up the packaging machines. However, due to the exceptional situation, Aranow proposed to make the installation via video call. His engineer was connected for 2 weeks, at our disposal first checking the installation and later training the staff. I would like to specifically point out the names of: Ligia, Jaume, Llorenç, Alexandra and Customer Service department, who helped us at all times with their quick responses.


  • What can you tell us about the machine’s performance? Are you satisfied with the results?


At present we are still at an early stage of production so we cannot fully benefit from the packing machine’s performance. However, in approximately 3 months, we estimate to produce about 5 million stick and sachets per month, an average of 200 to 250 spm.


In terms of manufacturing, this is the same as we obtained with the previous external supplier, although more reliable and cleaner. However, the machines work more hours continuously, without compromising quality. In addition, we can now control the timings better, we know exactly when we will be able to supply our products.


  • Would you recommend working with Aranow?


Of course, I would recommend Aranow to my colleagues. On top of that, Aranow has a great team of people with whom you work very closely and cooperatively. At the end of the day, what matters is the people you surround to carry out projects, especially if they are complex.


“Aranow’s an650 and fs650 packaging machines are versatile and flexible, being able to package different types of components while providing very accurate quality control”