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How to choose the best single-dose packaging machinery supplier?

Aranow, a leader in single-dose packaging solutions, offers you some guidelines to sort through the different packaging machinery manufacturers on the market.

The market for single-dose packaging equipment can be overwhelming with a wide variety of brands, mainly European and Asian. We are aware that both the offer of machinery and its competitors may not seem very diversified. With this guide we recommend you to pay attention to these 5 points that will make the difference, and will help you in the difficult choice of choosing the ideal manufacturer:


1- Experience and specialization

2- Knowledge of the sector

3- Tailored flexible machines

4- Exhaustive study of the project

5- Commitment and customer service


The purchase of a new packaging machine involves an investment not only financially, but also in time and dedication. Optimizing the automation of stick pack or flat sachet packaging of the product can improve margins, efficiency and increase production, directly impacting the growth of the business. Thus, it is an absolutely strategic decision that depending on the organization, structure and size of the company may involve different positions such as: CEO, Engineering Director, Purchasing Director, Plant Director, Project Manager.


It is recommended to make a good analysis and comparison between different packaging machinery manufacturers to be absolutely convinced of having a serious partner, involved in the project.


These are the 5 factors that, in our opinion, make a packaging machinery supplier a top level partner worthy of facing the challenge.  Ah! We can tell you in advance that aranow meets all the points.

1- Experience and specialization


Single-serve packaging responds to a modern lifestyle that became popular in the late 90s. It seems obvious but choosing packaging equipment manufacturers that were born then and have a long track record is key to guarantee their experience. In the same way, it is essential that the company demonstrates its knowledge by providing references, a list of completed projects, or even Case Studies.

If, in addition to experience in the manufacture of machinery, the supplier has dedicated itself exclusively to packaging in the star single-dose format: Stick pack or flat sachet, then you’re lucky to face a specialist! Its knowledge is extensive and absolutely specific in the field.

2- Knowledge of the sector


It is not the same to pack oil, chocolate chips, analgesic powder or bath gel… Each product has a texture, volume, density and of course specific requirements to be taken into account for each sector.


Having a supplier who knows as well as you do the demands of the sector, not only gives you confidence in your choice of single-dose packaging equipment. It also guarantees that the machinery is designed to meet strict safety, control and sterilization protocols in the case of the pharmaceutical market, complying with GMP and CE regulations.

Or in the case of dairy products, CE and FDA standards and integrating the necessary cleaning systems guaranteeing product quality and 100% clean production.

3- Tailored flexible machines


A single-dose packaging machine must adapt to the complex reality of the business that involves integrating: the production needs of the company, the product features and the demands of the marketing team in terms of packaging specifications.


But above all, a leading single-dose industrial packaging machine must adapt to future needs. Anticipating and being able to respond with long-term flexibility is key: product launches, format changes, production modifications or even to automatically integrate secondary packaging.


Forget about suppliers who offer standard machines, in stock, ready to ship. They may be able to solve a momentary need, but in the long run, you will have to replace it with a single-dose packaging machine that gives you greater reliability, runnability and flexibility.

Also, remember that aranow machinery is equipped with the latest technological advances, with components from top level partners such as: Festo, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Omron, Carugil, Langen, Cariba, Ulma Packaging, Cremer or Endress & Hauser, a guarantee of success.

4- Exhaustive study of the project


The acquisition of a high-level packaging machine triggers a series of changes that must be duly quantified and studied in depth in each case:

  • increase in production
  • improvement in efficiency, speed, accuracy, reliability
  • reduction of downtime
  • savings in material, energy consumption, maintenance

In the case of a first-time industrial packaging machine, the study will serve as a viability study and will also help in production planning and forecasting. However, if it is an equipment upgrade or replacement, then it becomes a direct comparison with the current performance of the production line.

Not having this information means not understanding the improvements that adding a first-level industrial packaging machine to the production plant, and therefore remaining in a very superficial phase of the assessment.

5- Commitment and customer service


It is as necessary to choose the right single-dose packaging machinery as it is to have a professional and efficient customer service.


The technical service is key when it comes to solve doubts, unforeseen events or unexpected breakdowns that must be attended urgently as they directly affect the production performance.


Aside from the situations mentioned above, aranow is committed to the idea that a customer should not be a captive. He must be trained to be autonomous in the use, make the necessary adjustments or have free access to perform his own maintenance.

In the same way, the machinery must have reliable, durable and universal components that in case of replacement can be managed directly by the customer.

At Aranow we not only fulfill the 5 key points in the choice of the optimal supplier of packaging machinery, but we are also convinced that the team is an essential factor for the success of the project.


Moving from a supplier to a trusted partner is a degree that can only be acquired through a shared culture and values among our partners. Our work methodology is based on integrating ourselves into the client’s structure, facilitating all decision-making and accompanying them throughout the process.


Our experience tells us that in long-term projects the best results are achieved when there is a good team harmony, a relaxed atmosphere and where teamwork rules. It is very common to end up building close and lasting relationships based on ethics, integrity and respect, as in good families.


Now that you know the highlights of choosing the best single dose packaging machinery supplier, we encourage you to narrow down your search and add aranow to your selection. Don’t hesitate to eave your details in the contact form and our sales team will contact you to learn more about the project and make a preliminary assessment.