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Aranow becomes the official provider of packaging solutions for the leading pharmaceutical company LAURUS LABS

Laurus Labs is a leading research-driven pharmaceutical company working with the world’s leading generic pharmaceutical companies. For their new API powders, they needed a single-dose packaging solution that was fast and reliable. Aranow was able to identify their needs and supply the best machinery adapted to their casuistry. As a result, Aranow has become the official provider of packaging solutions for Laurus Labs.


We’re proud to announce that ARANOW is the official supplier for API´s into sachet by LAURUS LABS, in India.


Laurus Labs is a leading research-driven pharmaceutical company working with all the top 10 generic pharmaceutical companies in the world and selling their APIs in 56 countries.

The pharmaceutical company was looking to pack their new 3 gr API´s powder into sachets, with an output of 360 sticks per minute and accuracy of +-1%, and an online weight control. All complying with FDA & GMP standards.


After comparing horizontal form fill and seal machine (HFFS) against vertical (VFFS) they decided to go with VFFS multiple lanes as the speed, as well as the accuracy were higher. In addition, the footprint was also reduced.

Aranow has proposed its fs650-H – 6 lanes machine with a multi-check weigher, giving exactly what the customer was looking for, and with a very compact solution.

With this acquisition, Laurus Labs will be able to fulfil his increased market demand, with a reliable machine.

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