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Differentiate your product with the shaped and twinpack formats

Nowadays, most of the purchasing decisions are taken in front of the shelves, after checking all the options available for a product with the same features. Beyond of the price, a differentiating packaging can help with this decision, and also improve the convenience of the product.

The shaped pouch is very convenient for products that need an accurate administration, leaving a smaller nozzle and allowing squeezing the entire product out. Besides, the lap side seal leaves a fully printable front and back side for instructions or communication purposes:

  • From 2 to 10 lanes.
  • Width range between 25-80mm.
  • Producing up to 600 spm.
  • Main motion servomotorized. 
  • Lap seal. 
  • Convenient opening. 

The twinpack allows to distribute two products in a single pouch. With a second vertical sealing to divide the pouch in two bags, it is possible to serve two different products at the same time: ketchup + mayonnaise, coffee powder + condensed milk, shampoo + shower gel, coffee + plastic spoon, sugar + salt, oil + vinegar? infinite combinations!

  • From 2 to 5 lanes.
  • Width range between 60-80mm.
  • Producing up to 300 spm.
  • Possibility of twinpack shaped sticks.
  • Possibility of vertical pre-cut to separate both products. 
  • Main motion servomotorized. 
  • Total hermetic and monoblock machine. 
  • Transfer systems to secondary packaging equipment.

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