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Flexibility and versatility packaging Stick Pack

Biofarma Natural CMD is a Mexican pharmaceutical laboratory, which in addition to manufacturing herbal remedies and food supplements, also packages third parties. Commonly known as co-packer or contract packager, it is a company that has the expertise, capacity and resources necessary to carry out productions and manipulations of products from other vendors.


With the aim of promoting this business division, Biofarma Natural CMD is committed to renewing its fleet of machines to produce different formats and increasing its production capacity.


For this, they acquire 3 multitrack machines an300 and 2 machines an650 obtaining flexibility and versatility packaging Stick pack both powders and gels. In a short time, Biofarma has become one of the main co-packers supplying the food supplement packaging market of the American continent.


The plant has been operating for almost a year, running the machines at 60% capacity, with no significant problems and with total efficiency.


It is not the first time that a co-packer relies on Aranow technology. In previous cases we have seen how the Israeli eXpack, an expert in packaging for the cosmetic market, also chose our machinery.


Should you pack yourself or work with a co-packer?


Here is a brief overview of the advantages of each option.


1- Advantages of in-house packaging


  • Production freedom and flexibility
  • Optimisation of the organisation of orders
  • Reduced packaging costs


2- Advantages of outsourcing the packing service


  • Non-existent machinery investment
  • Savings on technical staff
  • Possibility of short productions
  • Flexibility to produce different product formats (liquid, powder, grain)

Aranow introduces itself not only as an expert in single-dose packaging, but also as a partner that can assist you in taking such strategic decisions. We provide the necessary machinery to both manufacturers and co-packers with which we analyze each case and advise objectively and sincerely.