State-of-the-art pharmaceutical packaging solutions presented by ARANOW at CPHI WORLDWIDE MADRID

– Full servo motorized ultraclean machine.
– High efficiency (OEE >95%).
– Maintenance contracts adapted to customer needs.
– Lowered operational costs.

ARANOW develops efficient packaging solutions fully adapted to the URS of the customer, covering the needs of quality, security and traceability of the Pharmaceutical industry. We offer the optimal solution for packaging your product into a single serve format: stick pack and flat sachet into carton, stand-up pouch and pillow bag, among other. This type of packaging is the best solution to guarantee the exact dose to the consumer and, at the same time, offer a convenient product that they can take along with them anywhere they go.

With the aim of reducing costs, delivery time and improving the efficiency of our equipments, ARANOW is expanding and improving their processes under the ARANOW PRODUCTION SYSTEM, based on the Lean Management philosophy.

At ARANOW, we also manufacture complete lines with high speed secondary packaging equipment:

– Producing up to 1.500 spm.
Continuous cartoner.
Up to 250 boxes per minute with inserted leaflet.
Full servomotion.
Laminar airflow.
– Laser coder and OCV cameras.
– Independent rejection system.
DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ Protocols.
21 CFR Part 11.