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Packaging as a competitive advantage

eXpack is an Israeli co-packer company offering filling and packaging services for the cosmetics and personal care industry. In the past few years the importance of experiential marketing has risen demanding for better quality promotional products and sampling experiences. eXpack ‘s innovative and dynamic nature brings to contact Aranow in order to develop a new attractive bottle-shaped stick pack.

High performance machine an650-SH  


Aware that there was no high-production machine on the market that would allow such packaging, the Aranow I+D team speed up to design it. After 5 months, the 6-track an650-SH machinery was presented, an optimal solution thanks to a single separate matrix system with an independent module. Aranow managed to put its high-performance machinery at the service of the design, managing to reduce downtime and saving operating costs.

Differentiation in the stick pack packaging


eXpack managed to stand out from its competitors, opened new accounts and seduced new and demanding customers in the cosmetic sector with the new packaging solution. Since then, the company continues relying on Aranow asking for 4 more equipments for its factories in Israel and the USA.