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Leading efficiency in single-dose coffee packaging

Since 1997, Royal Armenia is the first company in Armenia to process and package high-quality green coffee importing the best varieties from Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries.   During these years, the Company has become the leader in Armenia in the coffee industry, continuously following the advances of modern technologies and meeting highest quality demands of consumers.   In 2013, to meet the growing demand, Royal Armenia relies on Aranow to equip itself with the Vertical Form fill & Seal (VFFS) machine, managing to dose “3 in 1” coffee into stick packs, count them and group them into pad-type bags.    

Challenges of coffee packaging

  We spoke with Ruben Akopian, the brand director, to understand what were the challenges of the project and the implementation process in the production plant.  
  • Could you please explain to us the context and how you met Aranow?
When I started in the 3 in 1 coffee in stick pack business, I relied on an affordable single dose machine, however, as I saw the demand was increasing, I was aware that I needed to find a better long-term solution. In the plant, I had a horizontal packaging machine of the Spanish brand Volpak, in fact they told me about Aranow as a specialist in single-dose packaging.  
  • What made you trust them? 
When I was comparing with different suppliers, I realized that on a technological level, the solutions were very similar. And the same applies to budgets.   Their offices made a very good impression on me, I could see how they worked on complex projects with great organization and methodology. But to tell the truth, what made me choose Aranow was the warm and friendly approach and the reliability that I immediately gained. It’s an important business decision and they guided me in such a way that the process seemed easier.  
  • What was so challenging about the project?
I remember simply carrying a stick and the powdered product, setting the quantity to be packed and the production capacity.   We immediately saw that the An650 VFFS model was flexible, efficient and perfectly suited to my needs. The project started in this easy way but the complicated part was the integration with the Volpak machinery.   Despite the fact that the Aranow machine produced and grouped correctly, it was not possible at first to seal the sticks correctly grouped in 10 or 20 units in the bag. Fortunately, Aranow facilitated to test the complete line in its warehouse where it was possible to find the solution.    

Increasing the production of coffee packaging

  • Once the machinery was delivered, how did your workers adapt?
A technician was sent to train my team, but we found the operating system easy and intuitive.   The only time we needed technical support was when we changed the production from packing coffee, powdered milk and sugar, to packing chocolate powder. Aranow in remote, guided us in the setup.    
  • Are you satisfied with the result?
Aranow’s machinery allowed me to go from a production of 70 spm to 300 spm, with the energy savings of producing more in less time. I have also reduced the downtime and the machine works an average of 8h a day (although in peaks of work up to 18h!).  

The change of equipment was also aimed to give value to our product. The stick pack is its packaging and therefore a key element. I am very happy with the final result, I think it reflects the quality of the product itself.


I have the confidence of having a machine that does not cause any problems. Well, I think that there is no better sign of satisfaction than repeating, right? I already have my second Aranow machine and on that occasion, there was no doubt about it. I didn’t even consider the option of working with another manufacturer.


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