Check innovations on complete lines for packing any type of Coffee and Tea at booth 510 at Coffee & Tea World Cup 2015

ARANOW is an international company specialized in design and manufacturing packaging machinery for any type of coffee and tea, presenting its latest innovations at booth 510 in Tea and Coffee World Cup 2015:


–    Producing up to 720 spm. 
–    OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) >95%
–    Keeping granularity of the coffee grain.
–    High filling accuracy
–    Reduction of humidty impact on the product. 
–    System for film tension control and inertias reduction.
–    Lower maintenance downtimes. 
–    Maintenance contracts service addapted to every customer. 
–    Savings on spare parts. 
–    Possibility to include end of line: cartoner, flowpack, stand-up pouch…


Coffee 3 in 1, instant coffee, white coffee, flat white, cappuccino, Turkish coffee, mocaccino, tea blending… ARANOW is expert on any type!