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ARANOW will present the latest innovations on packaging equipment at Hispack 2015

ARANOW will exhibit at Hispack 2015 from 21st to 24th April in Barcelona, Spain. In line with other exhibitions, ARANOW will present the single-dose packaging solutions – for the Food & Beverages, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Chemical industries – on stick pack and flat sachet format, accompanied by the possibility of secondary packaging such as stand-up pouch, flowpack, cartoner… 


In Aranow, we continually work on improving our existing equipment and designing new packaging solutions to better meet the needs of our customers. Based on the design of single-serve packaging solutions adapted to the market until complete packaging lines, some of the innovations that we can highlight:- Upgrade of the 4 side seal packaging solution offered to the market until today, reaching productions up to 1,050 spm.- The first packaging machine with multi-line counter unit of unwrapped pieces, such as gems, chocolate candies or other solid products. This solution can produce up to 400 to 500 spm, depending on the number of units counted.- An equipment for packing lollipops with a high speed positioner, offering the possibility of inserting a promotional sticker on the inside and spicy powder, reaching up to 600 spm of production.
– Solutions on the Shaped stick pack and Twinpack, used for cosmetics and food sauces like ketchup and mustard, with production up to 500 spm.
– A fully servo-motorized packaging line with a production capacity up to 1,800 spm, encoded laser technology and verification vision cameras, and secondary packaging end of line, counting from 6-50 per box. This equipment is designed for businesses that require large productions and comply very strict quality controls.