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ARANOW presents you the best state-of-the-art ultraclean high speed packaging solution: up to 840 spm

  • Up to 840 spm. 
  • Ultraclean.
  • Completely made of SS (FDA certification). 
  • OEE >95%.
  • Option to connect to a secondary packaging equipment. 


Taking advantage of the experience of ARANOW with worldwide producers we know ARANOW is the right partner for you.


For this reason, we present you the latest packaging solution we developed, a high-tech multilane stick packaging solution made for the world leader in dairy products production:


Fully adaptable to any other type of product, this equipment counts with the following comopnents:


  • Completely made of SS (FDA certification).  
  • Servodriven ultraclean dosing system. 
  • High efficiency laminar airflow(absolute filters HEPA H14).
  • UV lamps Heraeus (LOG 3). 
  • Customized CIP / SIP.
  • ELCOWA anti-static system. 
  • Domino inkjet coder. 
  • Automated by SIEMENS (Allen Bradley, Omron and Schneider also available). 
  • Automated splicing table. 
  • Separated unwinder with operator detection floor. 
  • Integrated SAI. 
  • Automatic lubrication system controllable from HMI. 


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