ARANOW appears at Pack Expo, the world’s most important commercial event in processing and packaging

From the 6th to the 9th of November, the North American city of Chicago will host the latest edition of PackExpo International, one of the world’s most renowned trade fairs in the product processing and packaging sector. Aranow Packaging Machinery could not miss this event and will be there to present the high production stickpack 15-lane an1000, the packaging solution designed mainly for the food, cosmetics and chemical industries.


The an1000 is a multilane machine that offers unlimited possibilities for personalisation, is adaptable to any type of product in granular, powder, liquid or solid form, and effectively meets the requirements of the sectors it specifically targets. With a compact, simple design, it is an easy machine to use and requires little maintenance. Made from extremely strong and durable components, it provides an OEE of over 95%.


In Chicago, PPI Technologies, Aranow’s commercial agent, will not only present the an1000, it will also offer a wide catalogue of high quality packaging solutions for dry and liquid products in the pharmaceutical, food and drinks, dairy, cosmetics and chemical sectors. At PackExpo International, where 45,000 more are expected, 2,300 exhibitors from around the world will share an exhibition space of 102,000m2 at the International Business Centre (IBC) in one of the main cities in the US state of Illinois.