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Solidarity in 3D format

If there is anything positive about the exceptional situation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, it is the solidarity initiatives that have been spontaneously organized around us. In just one week, we have seen how many companies of all kinds, entities, even part of the population have offered their support in the alarm situation in which we are immersed. As it could not be otherwise, ARANOW has also joined this solidarity movement by setting its 3D printers to work.


Advised by professionals who carry out daily COVID-19 tests and based on a model designed by BCN3D, ARANOW has developed and improved 3 prototypes of protection screens. Thus, the company creates supports thanks to the 3D printers, due to the shortage of this type of equipment and its high price on the market at this moment.


The first protective equipment is already being used in the Castellar clinic, while the printers continue producing.

This gesture symbolizes our social commitment facing the tumultuous situation we are experiencing and our gratitude to the healthcare professionals who are directly, inevitably and consciously exposed to the risk of contagion,” explains Marian Barberà, HR director at ARANOW.


From ARANOW, we believe it’s time to pay attention and being involved in all kind of solidarity initiatives. We all have a role to play!