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Flexible solution for lollipop packaging

Internusa Foods is an Indonesian confectionery company that produces: lollipops, candies and chewing gum.

The product development team proposes to add to the catalog, a lollipop with acid dipping powder named Cucu Pop.


By then, the company had a horizontal HFFS machinery that, in addition to occupying space, packed the candies with sticks in a unit way.

However, the launch of this new product forces Internusa Foods to look for a flexible machinery capable of packaging standar lollipops but also adding the powder in the stick pack.

The unique solution packing solid and powder product thanks to the an650 machinery

Since the market wasnt offering a specialized machinery, Aranow proposes to develop a unique solution for the confectionery sector.R&D team creates an650 machinery that allows packing 8 lollipops at the same time, while the dosing tube drops the exact amount of sour powder in the stick pack.


The multitrack machine is vertical and compact; it saves space and offers production and efficiency results far superior to previous equipment.

Thanks to Aranow, we have managed to optimize our production, while launching a new product in the market. “

In recent years, Aranow has positioned itself as one of the leading companies in the packaging of sweets and confectionery.