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ARANOW was present in the Constituent Assembly of

36 Catalan companies, with the support of the Council of Chambers of Commerce have created, a business association that aims to promote corporate responsibility in Catalonia. The long-term horizon is to group the two hundred companies engaged with society.
In the Constituent Assembly were approved statutes designed to facilitate the involvement of the member companies with a desire of a rotation in the positions, and the opening of the association to the society through a Social Council and Academic. During the meeting, thea board of 10 people was also elected.


From now on, they will implement a work plan that aims to strengthen the CSR model of the member companies and give them more social visibility, especially regarding business as it seeks to contribute to increase the number of companies committed on spreading good practice and making social responsibility as part of the Catalan way of doing business.


The work plan has continuity with the lines started last year.