Aranow International, the group’s new innovation center and sales office for Central European countries

The recent creation of ARANOW International in Neuchâtel is motivated within the framework of the growth strategy plan of AMG, Aranow Machinery Group.


Swiss has developed in recent decades, one of the world’s most prominent poles of innovation applied to industry.


It has become an excepcional worldwide innovation ecosystem applied to the pharmaceutical packaging.

Our desire in choosing this new location for the new company is to strengthen our relations with all our customers in the pharmaceutical industry.


But also, through our local partners Microcity and EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Aranow International focus innovation in: equipments, production processes and business units.


More specifically, research on advanced production techniques and smart technologies of Industry 4.0.


In mid May, part of aranow headquarters visited the new facilities of Aranow International, as kick off of this new journey.


Thanks for the warm welcome Switzerland!


We are still sure that people, not technology, drive innovation.