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New CEO designation in ARANOW

Mr. Jordi Cuixart, President of ARANOW Packaging Machinery, worlwide leader in flexible packaging machinery, has announced the appointment of Mr. Jan Molina as the new CEO of the Company.


2003 to 2016 was a period of growth and consolidation for the Company, with responsibility and a firm commitment to customers and partners in markets worldwide. Now in 2017, with this new designation, ARANOW is aligning its Company’s Strategic Plan 2017-2020 to a new period of expansion, adapted to the new scenarios and demanding requirements of the current market. Without losing the mark that have defined us as a committed company, this change should allow the Company to achieve a new position of leadership worlwide as a manufacturer of flexible packaging machinery.


The magnificent career of Mr. Molina as Sales Manager during the last 14 years, his loyalty to the Company and his good business overview endorses his appointment and turns him into a key figure to successfully achieve the challenges the Company is facing these days, by aligning its international dimension, industrial culture and corporate values in the same direction.


With this new designation in the leadership of the Company, Mr. Jordi Cuixart is convinced that ARANOW will continue with the successful trajectory and be able to fulfil the new market challenges and requirements, making an easy and more productive day-to-day for our customers.