Types of Packaging

The best single serve packaging for your product

Everything has changed quickly over the past few decades, even consumer patterns. As a result, products have been modified to meet new challenges and new products have emerged to meet these demands.

As part of this process, packaging has become one of the most important aspects of a product, preserving it and contributing to its positioning, differentiating it from its competitors' products and increasing its value in order to make it unique—either through the image it provides, the emotions it conveys, the comfort it offers to the consumer or other distinct features.

Beyond of that, the environment consciousness taken by the society bring packaging designers to create innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce its impact to the nature.

Through our packaging solutions for stick pack and flat sachet, and shaped or twinpack finishing, at ARANOW, we help our customers to adapt their products to the new market demands.

Single-dose packaging solutions for stickpack and flat sachet
Types of Packaging

Packaging that is easy to open and carefully measured. A more sustainable option that uses less material and reduces volume, allowing companies to save on costs and warehouse space.


With a 4-seal side design, the sachet is thinner and more flexible compared to the stick pack. It is found in traditional markets and is used in product samples for attaching to magazines.

Complete lines

After the primary packaging is finished, choosing the right secondary packaging will be crucial for optimizing distribution, strengthening communication and improving the perception of the product.

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