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Pharmaceutical Sundyota Numandis chooses Aranow machinery as an ideal solution for packaging its probiotic

The innovative Indian pharmaceutical company Sundyota Numandis needed a packaging machine that adapted to the specific conditions that its delicate product required. After contacting several suppliers unsuccessfully, they found Aranow. Aranow identified the needs and problems of the packaging process and provided the machinery and service that will allow Sundyota Numandis to maintain the highest product quality and ensure delivery times.

Aranow becomes the official provider of packaging solutions for the leading pharmaceutical company LAURUS LABS

Laurus Labs is a leading research-driven pharmaceutical company working with the world's leading generic pharmaceutical companies. For their new API powders, they needed a single-dose packaging solution that was fast and reliable.Aranow was able to identify their needs and supply the best machinery adapted to their casuistry. As a result, Aranow has become the official provider of packaging solutions for Laurus Labs.

Leading efficiency in single-dose coffee packaging

Royal Armenia is a company located in Armenia the activity of which is based on the processing and packaging of high quality coffee. Due to the growing demand, this company needed a holistic solution that allowed them to save time and costs, without losing quality in their product. In this case, we talked to Ruben Akopian, director of Royal Armenia, who explains how a renewal of its packaging technology with Aranow, was a true success.

Flexibility and versatility packaging Stick Pack
Biofarma Natural CMD is a Mexican pharmaceutical laboratory, which in addition to manufacturing herbal remedies and food supplements, also packages third parties. With the aim of promoting this business division, Biofarma Natural CMD is committed to renewing its fleet of machines to produce different formats and increasing its production capacity.
Flexible solution for lollipop packaging

Flexible solution for lollipop packaging

Internusa Foods, an Indonesian confectionery company, is launching a new product on the market and is planning to replace its current lollipop packaging machinery with a new one, more flexible which can also add sour powder to the stick pack. As the market wasn’t offering the optimal solution, Aranow creates the an650 vertical machine that boosts production to eight times. Aranow is positioned as a leading company for the packaging of sweets and confectionery.
Packaging as a competitive advantage
eXpack is an Israeli co-packer company for the cosmetics and personal care industry looking for developing a new attractive bottle-shaped stick Pack. Aranow managed to find the optimal solution creating the 6-track an650-SH with a single separate matrix system with an independent module. Aranow provides his high-performance machinery at the service of design, while still producing efficiently and flexibly.
Pursuing maximum efficiency

Pursuing maximum efficiency

Banas Dairy, the largest manufacturer of dairy products in India, seeks to improve its production and packaging of single doses of Amulya's milk powder.
Aranow's an1000 machinery manages to increase 25% the production, as well as reducing the direct cost in consumables by 10%.
The Moccona packaging solution that boosted sales in Australia

For many years, Moccona used a New Zealand company to package their 3-in-1 Coffee Stick Packs. When demand in Australia grew to 90% of their production capabilities, Moccona's parent company decided to relocate this part of the business to Australia.

Rob Duyker from Ozpack admits winning the Moccona contract was fantastic but there was little time to celebrate as they turned their attention to fulfilling the contract.