Dairy packaging equipment for stick pack and flat sachet
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Multilane machine especially designed for packaging dairy products into stick pack or flat sachet.


ARANOW Dairy packaging equipment is especially designed to fulfill the especial requierements of the dairy industry. Covering the high production demands of dairy products into stick pack and flat sachet, the machines are built to comply CE rules, and integrating cleaning systems needed to guarantee the quality of the product. The rest of the elements are included based on the URS given by the customer.

Units especially designed for the production of single-dose packages for dairy products. Up to 16 lanes


More Information

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Main features

  • Up to 24 lanes (an) and 14 lanes (fs).
  • High output: up to 1.800 spm depending on the product and the format.
  • Ultraclean machine (elimination of dead corners).
  • High efficiency laminar airflow, absolute filter HEPA H14.
  • Compliance with CE and FDA requirements.
  • CIP/SIP and washdown procedures.
  • UV lamps.
  • Coding and quality control systems.
  • High performance, accuracy and reliability: OEE > 95%.
  • User friendly.
  • Systems for transfer to secondary packaging equipment.

Downtime reduction

  • Quick format change with few tools.
  • Free access to main components for cleaning (Tool-free).
  • HMI with multiple recipes – immediate recall of each format parameters.
  • Easy and fast film replacement using film splicer.
  • Centralised electric, pneumatic and mechanical systems.

Low operational costs

Savings on:

  • Space (reduced footprint).
  • Material (42% in film).
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Energy saving thanks to servomotor energy recuperation system.

Additional items

  • Filling and feeding systems.
  • Quality control systems.
  • Coding systems.
  • Cleaning and sterilisation systems.
  • PC panel running on Windows.

Technical table

Concept an1000-Y an650-Y fs1000-Y fs650-Y
Max. reel width: 1.000 mm 650 mm 1.000 mm 650 mmm
Lanes number: 4-24 4-16 3-14 2-9
Stick pack width range: 17-80 mm 17-80 mm 35-150 mm 35-150 mm
Max. stick pack length: 180 mm* 180 mm* 150 mm* 150 mm*
Reel shaft: 150 mm* 76 mm 150 mm* 76 mm
Ø Reel max: 500 mm 450 mm 500 mm 450 mm
Max. production: 1.800 spm 1.200 spm 1.050 spm 675 spm
Standard power consumption: 5 kW 5 kW 5 kW 5 kW
Standard air consumption (l./min): 220 l. 220 l. 220 l. 220 l.

*Other dimensions under request


Optimal implementation and performance.

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) >95%

Downtime reduction due to user friendly and simple design, low maintenance and easy access.

Personalised Customer Service; following up and supporting with local technicians or ARANOW staff. CARE – DELIVER - SATISFY



Aranow dairy packaging equipment catalog

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