Single serve packaging that is more
affordable, practical and sustainable for you.

  • Offers easy opening, with an accurate dosage.
  • Allows film savings up to 40.3%, on square package (reel storage, supply attrition, etc).
  • Packaging capacity is better exploited as it reduces space of finished package.
  • Allows high productions with really low maintenance.

The stick pack technology makes it easy to follow current market trends for single serve packaging in a more sustainable design, as it uses less material and reduces volume. We also offer a perfect finish to improve consumer satisfaction, regardless of the type of product.

But it doesn't only mean savings on costs and space. Besides packaging, warehouse and production plant space saved, the stick pack technology helps our customers to follow current single-dose packaging market trends. Through our multilane stick pack machinery and secondary packaging solutions, we offer a simple and compact design which helps to reduce downtime thanks to its easy tool-free access. We also offer a precise finish to improve customer comfort, regardless of the type of product if it is packaged using stick pack.

Stick pack is an advantageous and convenient solution
Stick pack
Shaped stick pack
Stick pack of coffee 3 in 1
Stick pack of chocolate cream (Food)
Stick pack of coffee, chopped vegetables and nutraceutical products (Food and Pharma)
Stick pack of lollipops (Confectionery)
Stick pack of lollipops (Confectionery)
Shaped stick pack of cosmetics products (Cosmetics & Chemicals)
Stick pack of coffee 3 in 1  and instant chocolate powder (Food)
Stick pack of candies (Confectionery)
Stick pack for pharmaceutical products
Stick pack of yoghurt
Stick pack of coffee 3 in 1
Stick pack of milk powder
Stick pack with shape
Stick pack of cereals in powder
Stick pack of ketchup and mayonnaise
Stick pack of icelollies
Stick pack of granular products
Stick pack of pharmaceutical products
Stick pack of milk powder
Stick pack of baby milk powder (Dairy products)

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