Why Aranow?

Why Aranow?
ARANOW: winning packaging solutions

Our goal is to develop and establish standards
to help our customers succeed


Our machines are all designed and built under the same concept: a fast and feasible equipment built up with high resistance and long durability components offering an OEE over 95% that contributes to improve the global efficiency of the production line of the customer, therefore accomplishing the production plan; a compact and simple design allowing a fast and easy changeover and free access without tools to the main components with the aim of reducing the maintenance downtime; and the possibility of synchronization with and end of line equipment for a secondary packaging as, for example, flow pack, carton, tray and flowpack, gusset, stand-up pouch… the rest of the components – sealing type, shaped stick, twinpack, quality control systems, coders, cleaning and sterilization systems, type of filler, etc. – included on the design of the machine are based on the URS of the customer.

Similarly, we also offer solutions for alternative packaging such as twinpack or shaped sticks. In parallel to the stick pack line, we can also offer the 4 side seal system to those aiming to maintain a classic image of their products, very common also in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food industries.

We provide a compact and simple design that can be quickly and easily changed with tool-free access to the main components in order to reduce maintenance time. We also offer the possibility of synchronisation with a secondary packaging line such as flow pack, boxing, tray and flow pack, stand-up pouch etc. Other components included in the machine design are: seal types, shaped sachet, twin pack, quality control systems, encoders, cleaning and sterilisation systems, serving type, etc. - based on the customer URS.

Our daily goal is to create faster and more efficient machines that are tailored to the needs of product packaging.