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Packaging trends in the pharmaceutical sector

Packaging trends in the pharmaceutical sector

The pharmaceutical industry has always sought to be at the forefront providing comprehensive solutions even in the field of packaging, due to the importance of preserving pharmaceutical products within their packaging and for the conditions in which they must be kept. Preservation, storage and even safety depend to a large extent on packaging.

In addition to this extremely important factor, packaging must also comply with regulations, which change over time, and always provide the end user with the best option. This is a challenge that makes packaging machines for the pharmaceutical industry a key piece in the sector.

Stick packs: comfort and safety

Single-dose packaging has undoubtedly become one of the main trends of the moment. There are a whole host of reasons as to why the industry is investing in pharmaceutical machinery for this type of packaging format. However, without a doubt, one of the most significant is its ease of use and the improved medicine management that it offers, as they can be prescribed by the unit, making sure that the person taking them does not exceed the prescribed dose.

The special feature of stick packs is that they allow all types of products, both in dry format (powder) and other formulations, to be packaged. To do so, it is essential to pay special attention to the packaging lines that are used, to continuously guarantee optimal results.

Large laboratories are requesting machines for the pharmaceutical sector that adjust to these features, just like others such as individual-capsule packaging machines. If there is one trend that stands out, it is without a doubt single-dose packaging. There are even official bodies that are committed to creating regulations that ensure that patients are only prescribed what is strictly necessary, by indicating which packets they must be given. The industry must therefore go the extra mile to offer the solution that is required.

Blister packs

Highly similar to stick packs are blister packs, which have been in use for some time now. They also offer individual doses, which provide the exact quantity of prescribed medication.

it is expected that this type of packaging will soon be second in terms of importance, surpassed only by plastic bottles, which in turn have outdone glass. The rise of this type of pharmaceutical packaging is not by chance but because of the measures that we have previously discussed. This also leads us to an area that has great influence in today’s world: that of packaging manufactured with environmentally-friendly materials.

Environmentally-friendly designs to care for the environment

It’s also clear that there is a trend towards solutions that do not damage the planet, both in terms of the handling of drugs and the packaging materials used. Packaging machinery used for such items will be responsible for adjusting to the specific conditions of each packing plant, whether it is a small production machine or complete lines for the mass packaging of large firms.

Increasingly more specific production lines

Something that does stand out in the pharmaceutical industry is the need for constant change. Not just in the development of formulas and new products, but also in the type of packaging that is needed, which the machines that will equip laboratories of the future depend on to a large extent. Their development makes the creation of custom-built machines increasingly more common, not only for optimising available space but also the time invested in packaging, achieving improved response times and generating more efficient production.

Such is the trend for creating specific lines, not just for stick packs and blister packs, but also complete lines, that the industry is now geared towards specialisation, with small, versatile packaging lines that are able to swiftly adapt to changing formats and to streamline delivery. Some companies are installing small regional lines, with machinery capable of creating reduced batch runs that can supply a product in the shortest time possible, reducing shipping and delays.

Series numbers and systems to counteract counterfeit drugs

One of the measures required by authorities is the inclusion of numerical codes for controlling production and combating counterfeit medications. These series numbers are applied directing to the packaging, which must also demonstrate that it has not been opened and subsequently refilled.

Given that the technique is complex, as correlative codes or numbers that have already been implemented cannot be used, pharmaceutical-sector machines must incorporate these new measures in order to speed up the packaging process without delays or reruns. These measures include, among others, digital printing systems on packaging at source, in such a way that when the packaging is sealed it also certifies that it cannot be re-opened without this being detected. The selection of materials and supplies is essential for guaranteeing that these regulations are complied with, without which the industry cannot develop the task at hand.

Packaging: always working together with the pharmaceutical industry

It’s clear that the most important thing about the pharmaceutical industry is that it provides people with drugs to improve overall health. This is why so much money is put into the research and development of new medicine, as well as to improve those that are already being used.

However, advanced packaging techniques are also necessary, which guarantee, as far as possible, both compliance with the requirements of regulating bodies and the trends with which they go hand in hand. Therefore, it is crucial to have high-quality machinery, developed specifically for the industry.

At Aranow we offer the option of machines for both stick packs and blister packs, in addition to complete lines through which the pharmaceutical sector can continue to be at the forefront. Contact us for more information.

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